Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Simple Church -

This is not one of my regular book review that I receive from a certain website nd publisher. It really something I saw and picked up one day at a christian book store. It's an old book, five years since it was first published; but I bought it anyway. The title struck a chord in me. Simple Church.
One of  the elders at the church I do part time work at, saw me reading the book, commented that church is not simple but complicated. 

In the book, the authors, Thom and Eric, give some insightful information on the churches they researched and interviews they conducted. This was not a small sampling. 
The point of their book was not to be present another church model. They were looking at churches and their activities. Asking questions about what makes one local church dynamic and increase while another stagnate or even decrease;  even though they had/use the same church model.
The findings of their research has led to the writing of this book.

So what it all about. It's about keeping church simple. It about the question of what does a disciple of Jesus Christ look like. The short of this book is four words:

  1. Clarity = Can you articulate what your church is about and what a disciple of christ is.
  2. Movement = What is the process that people go through to reach the above?
  3. Alignment = Are the current ministries and programs in keeping with the process 
  4. Focus = Keep in view that which is essential to the process and the goal for the building of disciples of Christ
This book has set me thinking about how we "do" church and how we ought to "do" church. 

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