Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pot calling the kettle ....

I dun usually use this place to comment of some things. However, observing the current Presidential Elections I just had to say the following. One of the candidates said that the other three were previously members of the current ruling party/government and therefore can not truly act independently as a check and balance for parliament. They will have emotional baggage carried over from their past association with the ruling party. He however has no such baggage.

I have a problem with that though: Everyone carries some form of emotional baggage into the whatever situation they encounter. It is whether they allow that baggage to govern their actions or not.
IMHO, this candidate also has emotional baggage. Likely two of the other candidate he also has recently resigned from a political party - a party opposed to the current ruling party. Unlike the other candidates his emotional baggage is not one of affinity but adversarial. It was fairly obvious in his broadcast last week.

Is he saying that he will be able to put that baggage aside when he is president and work with the government for the benefit of ALL people in Singapore? If he says yes, then is he saying that the other candidate can't do the say.

In fact I think one of the other candidate has less emotional baggage than him as that candidate has not belonged to a political party longer than any of the others. Nuff Said.

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