Tuesday, August 9, 2011

iLeadership - The Apple Way:

I picked up this book, cos I have been looking for a good book on the subject of Steve Jobs. The enigmatic figure of Jobs that been a subject of many books, articles and criticism. I already have two books, one audio book on hand a movie. All of which I felt did not do justice to the man. I must say that Jay Elliot did a decent job on the subject - Steve Jobs. Not exactly balanced, but there's already enough of the negative about Apple CEO out there. Elliot's counter perspective with a more positive reflection on the man without denying the negative.
There are few contemporary figures who draw my interest - Jobs is one of them.
There is another reason why I chose to read this book: It is because of the mention of Apple in "Simple Church" the book I was reading before this one. So what's Church and Mobile Media Device Company have to do with each other.
After finishing this book, it confirmed what I already suspected. Apple is not in the business of profit. It's in the business changing the world and it's doing it effectively. Isn't that the business of the church : to transform lives.

When Jobs walks on to the platform of an event like MacWorld or WWDC? Who do people see, I suspect they don't  just see a CEO of Fortune 500 company. They see a leader of a movement.

The book is about leadership of Steve Jobs. It does focus on skill in as much as the qualities of leadership.
Mission - Focus
Vision - 
Motion - Movement Momentum

Reading this book has led to me asking myself these question:-
What is the "business" of the church? 
What is our product /service offered? Who are our customers / consumers?
What is vision and goal of the local (or universal) church?

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