Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Remembering Dad ... and Mom...

I have been reading the book by Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham, Great Parents Lousy Lovers. One thing it speaks of is the different generations and how they impacted the next. 
It has cause me to think back about my folks. How they raised us two boys. How we knew that they loved us or not. There are several images and events that remain so vivid in my mind. 
One of the most vivid is one when I was younger. One night my folks were 'slugging' it out in the dining room, while we boys were upstairs hall. I remember running on the stairwell and shout at them something amounted to not liking them arguing. It stun them silent. I remember them retreating to their bedroom. 
Later, I think was, Dad me called me out from my room. I popped out off my room and there they were, in the upstair hall, hugging each other with BIG grins on their faces. I knew what they were trying to communicate to me, that things were settled. I knew better. I don't remember them argue in front of us after that, or at least they brought it into the room when we were around. I'm guessing here, of course. 
For sure what I learned was never to have visible disagreements in front of the kids.

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