Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prodigal Prince -Thinking Out Loud

Who am I? That is probably the most perplexing question that I have to answer. Most times when most people are asked: "What do you do?", their answer seems to be something like : "I am a teacher." or "I am an architect."
However, "I am ...." seems to be more of a statement of a person's identity (of being) rather than a person's occupation (of doing). 
Most people would find their identity in what they do. Who they are seem so wrapped up in what they do and how well they are at what they do. What happens when they are no longer doing that job or vocation? What happens to them then? Do they lose their identity? No longer knowing who they are. Losing meaning and purpose in life?
I, myself, have placed my identity in being a youth worker, youth pastor and more recently a "IT officer." What happens when I am no longer any of these? Who am I then? That is the question I now must ask.  
I know in my head that I'm a child of God. My heart for many years didn't see things that way. I was taught  that we were servants of God. So God was more of a nice Master rather than a Father. Perhaps my past 25 plus years I have been trying to keep in His good books. Seeing myself more as a servant as in the context of the parable of the talents. Living like a pauper when I am actually a prince. Choosing to sleep in the swine pen when I have a place in the palace.
Reminds me of the Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. 

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