Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thinking about Joseph...

Not Joseph Prince pastor of New Creation Church. Not Joseph the Dreamer. But Joseph the Carpenter, Husband of Mary mother of Jesus.

Max Lucado in his book Cast of Characters he writes of Joseph and what he(Joseph) might have been going through the night Jesus was born, wondering if he ever prayed a particular prayer.

My thoughts about Joseph are more of what went through him. When he decided not to quietly divorce Mary and go through with the marriage. There must have been a lot of whispers going around. Questions about who the real father was, comments about her being a "loose" women. Or worst, whispers that Joseph was not great guy himself and his lack of self control had led to this set of circumstances. I mean the amount of shame and dishonor he had bear, the questioning looks and stares. Maybe it was a good thing that he had to go out of town with Mary - to Bethlehem- foe the census, it would have taken a lot of heat off him, heat that wasn't even his to bear.

For the unfamiliar, perhaps it be good for you to read this for background.

There isn't much said about Joseph the carpenter. There are only two mentions in the bible I know of the first be at the birth of Jesus which includes the escape to and return from Egypt. The other when the family when to Jerusalem for the Passover when Jesus was twelve. There Jesus is "lost" for three days. I wonder what he felt. I mean did he think: "Oh NO! I lost God's Son?"

In all this Joseph doesn't "speak," he is not quoted in saying anything nor are his thoughts and emotions recorded except that he was afraid to return to Judah after Herod died. Perhaps it's because he was no longer around to bear witness to the writers of the accounts unlike Mary.

I wonder what went through his head more so whether like Mary he hid all these things in his heart. I suspect he did.