Friday, May 14, 2010

A book I could not put down...

A Book I could not put down ……

Friendship for grown-ups is Lisa Whelchel’s story of healing. In it she chronicles her journey of discovering and defining what friendship is for a grown-up. The journey is not without it’s bumps on the road. There are twist and turns, crossroads and heartbreaks along the way. Yet it has been a journey worth taking because it has led her into the heart of God the Father and into knowing God in a deeper more intimate manner. Ultimately, you cannot touch the heart of God and come out a changed person which is what happened to Lisa. It is a journey that is still ongoing even as she writes the book.
I started reading the book on Saturday morning and third way through it by mid-morning. I would have finished it by the end of the day if not for other responsibilities to attend to. I was done reading by Monday Lunchtime. Is the book easy reading? No not really, it is compelling. The writer drew me into the story of her current life not some distant past.
What got my attention was the title of the book. Friendship for Grown-ups. Something in me clicked. I had to have the book. You see unlike two significant people in my life (my brother and my wife) who have friendship that have lasted since their childhood and schooldays, I have none that have lasted. Even the bonds I’ve built as an adult done last beyond the change of job or relocation.
So I just had to have the book. I desperately needed to connect with people. This book would help me. I was to be disappointed and not.
For one, Friendship for Grown-ups was a book written for women. (I am a guy) Two, it is not your quick-fix book or some 12 steps to success in your personal life.   There are no formulas and solutions that you could magically pull out and use. There wasn’t even a section the guys to use to help their wives who may be going what Lisa went through. There’s not even a mention of her husband (and Lisa makes it clear there will not be from the start) of what he did or how he helped her through it all)
But men can take a few pages out this book too. If anything men and shame don’t mix well. The worst thing that can happen to a guy is to be put to shame.
Guys tend not to have deep friendship or be vulnerable and open about they weakness. There are things in this book that men can learn too. Open, authentic relationship with other men and with God.
Lisa present to
If there are any key words that I find in this book they are:
Vulnerable, safe friends(place), The grace of God, authentic

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