Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life Change

Some time between July/September 09 and 12 Feb 2010 my life took a change. My blood pressure went from normal to mild/moderate hypertension. One would ask what have bern the changes during this time:
Well last year my dept lost its manager in Oct last year.
My Division head in our organisation resigned in Jan and a new one came in. The transition was tense to say the least.
But it no point about pointing the cause now. It would not change my BP.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I remember Grandma...

A friend's maternal grandma passed on just the other day. I was thinking of what I could say to her. That brought mr to the passing of my own maternal grandma. I remember the day almost as clear as if it were yesterday.
It was a Friday, my grandma had been running a fever. I had gone in to her room and prayed for her for the fever to go away. It didn't. The next morning as I was coming down from my room, mom ran out from where granny's room wad saying : You granny is dead! I ran into the room and saw granny lying on the floor - stiff. That image remains in my mind. I don't know how she died. Just that it was so sudden I was in a state of shock therest of the day. I actually reported for work that morning. Just to let them know what happened and I was going to be taking leave.
Never got the chance to say goodbye to my granny. ...

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