Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Simple Life?

What constitutes a simple life or a life of simplicity?

The Simple life is :
No Cable TV ... Okay I can live with free-to-air... and DVDs
No Internet ... Errr maybe
No Computer Games ok
No Computer as in no PCs but a Mac's not a PC right?
No expensive hobby
No Starbucks ... what no Starbucks!! I need my coffee at least my neighbourhood kopi tiam.

But seriously, how can we live a simple life in the 21st Century? Cutting out expenses?

For one, life would be simpler if we were debt free and loan free. Although here in Singapore it kinda hard to be loan free and with that debt free. Most Singaporeans will have at least a housing loan if not also car loan - the two most expensive things in Singapore to own. And to some two of the most necessary things to have.

One can choose to be credit card free.

Life would be Simpler if there was less to worry about and paying the bills is the one BIG worry most have.

So a simple life would include (but noy only):
No loans
No credit cards therefore no debt. (Unless you pay up your credit card bill each time)
No cable tv
A vocation you love and enjoy doing
Income enough for the month ... argh!!

In the end a simple ife is not a list of things you have or don't have, but what you can do without?

That is to say is there a difference between leading a simple life and having a simple lifestyle? Can one's life be simple if one's lifestyle is inundated with complexities (usually those of the material kind)?

Simplify! I guess all I want is a roof over my head, food on the table and time for God, family and self. What that translates to in "real" terms I don't know.