Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When giving Christmas gifts became more difficult...

Christmas time can be totally stressful for me these days. Especially when the children are older but not grown up. It the in between ages where trends shift faster than the speed of light that make getting gifts an extremely difficult endeavour. I took so much time thinking about what to get I almost forgot the "reason the the season." Getting gifts for the sake of having something to give. It's almost a "save face" thing.

Since Chirstmas is about the greatest gift given to is by God. And God gives gifts with a purpose and because it pleases Him to do so.

I resolved to focus giving gifts with a purpose and not focus onthe size nor expense of it. My gifts to my loved ones this year were mostly inexpensive but the truth was the gift to themwas the computer type written notes.

I pray they get the "message"

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