Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rambling About Whether Singapore has a Culture of Service?

One local radio personality thinks not. I tend to agree with him. The question is why?

Here we're trying to create/develop a service culture. But even with all the push coming down from the Govt  to a up and coming reality show "can you serve." I don't think it will do much to create a culture of service. This is what I think: In trying to built a Service Culture in our nation. If the focus is in the doing it will eventually fall on it's face.

A culture of service can only come out from the same place where courtesy and graciousness come from. That place is the place of honour. Ageism and racism and sexism have no room in the place of honour.

Just the other day I was with a friend at a food centre when we were approached by an elderly lady selling tissue packets. We bought 3 packets for a dollar. She then proceeded to tell us how on the previous day she had approached a couple only to have the man throw the packets back at her.  He also chided and berated her and apparently may have been verbally abusive.

Singaporeans behaving in such a manner, with graciousness are unlikely to do well at all in creating a service culture. Graciousness  as in be courteous and forgiving.

Bottom line is that service culture comes out of a gracious culture. Gracious culture comes of of a culture of honour. That is honouring others not the "save-my-own-face" honour

Now what is a culture of honour.