Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Quiet Father

Dad has always been the quiet type. Seldom have I seen or heard him raise his voice. I think I've become like him in manner. This may be a disadvantage, especially when you (I) have women who are strong minded and strong willed around.
Right now I am struggling through days because of my mild manner. Unlike Clark Kent who can just run into some telephone booth (if they still exist) and transform into Superman; I have no Krypton blood in me (if that exist at all).

Having strong minded females in my life is no help.

Being watching "企鹅爸爸"Penguin Father or Daddy at Home. (It's the 9pm show on Channel 8.) There are so many strong minded women in there. The men for the most part are subservient to the wives. Even the father-in-law of Liu Bang in all his macho-man-should-be-the-breadwinner attitude is henpecked by the

I feel a affinity to both Liu Bang and the Chen Hanwei character of Zhen Kang. Liu Bang situation for one reason but Zhen Kang's for the simple reason like him I have a teenage daughter I'm losing touch with and whom I feel is total embarrassed about me.

I feel like a Penguin Dad sometimes, doing all the household things that are not covered by the once-a-week cleaner that comes in or my mum-in-law, on the top of things at work.