Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Small One's Birthday Weekend ...

Last weekend was a nice change. Enjoyed myself with E celebrating the Small One's birthday. The initiate feel about the birthday celebration for the Small One was like nervous jitters. Didn't know how it would all pan out.
Well it worked out well. The guests didn't arrive all at once and that was good. The Small One was in a great mood with everyone around. It was like all her "separate lives" converged into one. In a sense her world came together on Saturday.

E and I both felt it went well. We had low expectations and the Small One had no expectations. I think she was kinda blur through the whole thing. The Small One just went with the flow and got into the swing of things as the day progress by the time the celebration was over she was saying bye bye to us several times and already to go off with the uncles and aunts.

The day didn't start that well for the Small One though. She had constipation in the morning. Likely a result of a low fibre diet high carbohydrate the past day.(She ate two bun on Friday.) She was really struggling and even acted like a girl going through her first period. Eg When I wanted to comfort her during the stressful "pushing out," she shouted "Daddy GO AWAY!" So I went away. Eventually, she passed out what E described as a "tennis ball." Nah! I dun think sh** the size of a tennis ball came out, likely motion amounting to the size of a tennis ball.

The good thing about the Small One is that she doesn't let that dampen the rest of her day