Saturday, September 12, 2009

On Being Salt and Light II

Following on from 2 Sept ....
"Being salt of the earth and light of the world is about adding flavour and illumination to others' lives so that they can taste and see and the LORD is good." --Peter Lim posted on 2 Sept 2009
Went to talk yesterday. it was unplanned thing but Tamara Winslow had said that we have to get away (to hear God). So this breakfast talk was to be an unfamiliar place. I was some awesome thing happening to me. No such 'lucky.'

There was no thunderous voice nor did I have an out-of-body experience. Instead, the speaker made mention of Salt and Light that's like three times in two weeks.

She mention that salt is used to preserve and light is meant to be visible.

Ok now lets look at it again:

  • is used to preserve food - we are to preserve or uphold morality and values in society
  • is used in cooking to add taste or draw out flavour - we are to give flavour to life
  • makes you thirsty - we are to make people thirsty for more of Kingdom God?
  • is used as a means of payment - are we worth our salt?
and Light :
  • is to be visible - we as believer have to be visible n not end up part of the invisible voiceless majority
  • gives illuminations -Shine so people can see Jesus
Like I shared in an ealier post. Sometimes I feel the church's emphasis on the preservative nature of being Salt of the Earth comes across leaving others with negative feelings and a bad taste in their mouth.
I'm not saying we shouldn't be moral or have a high standard of morality. The "ultra conservative" stand has not gone down well with the people we want to reach for the Kingdom. We are in a war but not a cultural one. Culture is one of the battle fronts. We are in a war but not with other people. So sometimes it seems we are fighting the wrong enemy. (I'm rambling...)

What I am saying is:
In upholding righteousness in our society, we must not forget that Jesus' primary call was "the kingdom is at hand." We are called to bring the kingdom into the world. Whether it be a physical presence of the kingdom or a metaphysical (the rule of Christ in our hearts), we are called to bring IN the kingdom not keep the current status quo. (Which is what preserving implicitly does, preventing things from getting worse or rotting.)

Being salt and light is not about keeping status quo also about adding favour and brightening up lives of those in our community and spheres of influence.