Saturday, September 12, 2009

The "Long" Silence

Haven't had the opportunity to update my blog and facebook for the past week. Between looking after Small E and "fighting" J for the use of MY home computer, I had my hands full. Here's a run down of the past five days:

Monday :
When to see a movie(G-Force) with J in the afternoon. G-Force is a great movie, I dun care much about what some reviewers say.
Tuesday : Spent it at home looking after Small E.
Wednesday : Went to a Atria Breakfast Talk (check my other post on this), spent the rest of the day at home.
Thursday : COMEX, Made-With-Love and Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition. The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit was interesting and I did learn some new things there.
Friday : A Slack day at home with Small E. Big E sneaked out in the mid afternoon to go to MWL for a evening class.

So there's the rundown of the past week. Have a great weekend!