Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I hate feeling rushed ...

Yesterday I asked why I always feel rushed when boarding and alighting a taxi. It not only the taxi now. This morning while withdrawing ash from the ATM at an Esso station, I fumbled while trying to keep my card and take the cash before the machine swallowed it and ended up dropping the cash the floor.

First I thought that my fluster in the cab was because when the taxi stops on the roadside/cab stand, there's always this car/vehicle with an impatient occupant behind (who will honk!)or an individual who can't wait to get into the cab (I had even one get in before I finished payment).

It's this whole feeling of being hurried to finish what I'm doing or face the anger or wrath of others. Trying to be the "nice guy."

This morning's incident, with the ATM and having no queue behind me, blows that analysis. It's not just people - machines too. It got to do with: "if I don't get this done then this will happen and if this happens then this will follow ...." and on and on. The fear of consequence (negative ones). Arghhhh!!!!!