Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Horror Story - one full of "quotes" and {paratheses}

Do I have a horror story for you! Actually no! However, I must "pen" this down before it's forgotten.

Sunday, 27 Sept 2006, in the afternoon. Met up with E at Liang Court where upon she "handed over" small E (and J) to my care while she went for her monthly Spa session. Everything went fine and "as usual" except that the ATM couldn't dispense cash and I was stuck with only $4/- in my wallet. In the end I had to "borrow" $10/- from J (red packet money from her Por Por) to buy lunch for myself. As usual small E wanted to "share daddy's ma-mum."

We scrambled into a cab to go to my dad's home. (Had enough balance from $14/- after lunch for a one way trip). Arrived at dad's place, paid the driver, got out of the cab with small in one arm and her bag of stuff in the other. Helped J with the stroller. ... (Always feel rushed when boarding and alighting a taxi I wonder why...?)

"Where's my wallet?!!" Oh no! I left my wallet in the cab! The next few minutes were spent overturning the stuff in small E bag as well as calling Comfort Cab and being transferred to Lost and Found, describing my wallet, where I took the cab from and to where, time of Journey, Calling my brother to cancel his sub-card .. and praying - asking God to protect my wallet and return it to me.

Within 10 minutes I got a call from Comfort Cab Lost-n-Found stating that their have located the wallet, gave me the cab driver's hp number and the taxi number. I connected the cab driver. He'd bring it back to the house. The next 20 minutes were like twenty hours. Got the wallet back. Stuff was all intact. Gave a tip to the driver. ("Borrow" this time from my mum there was only $2/- in my wallet.)

I thank God for the getting my wallet back to me. Keeping everything safe.