Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I hate feeling rushed ...

Yesterday I asked why I always feel rushed when boarding and alighting a taxi. It not only the taxi now. This morning while withdrawing ash from the ATM at an Esso station, I fumbled while trying to keep my card and take the cash before the machine swallowed it and ended up dropping the cash the floor.

First I thought that my fluster in the cab was because when the taxi stops on the roadside/cab stand, there's always this car/vehicle with an impatient occupant behind (who will honk!)or an individual who can't wait to get into the cab (I had even one get in before I finished payment).

It's this whole feeling of being hurried to finish what I'm doing or face the anger or wrath of others. Trying to be the "nice guy."

This morning's incident, with the ATM and having no queue behind me, blows that analysis. It's not just people - machines too. It got to do with: "if I don't get this done then this will happen and if this happens then this will follow ...." and on and on. The fear of consequence (negative ones). Arghhhh!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Horror Story - one full of "quotes" and {paratheses}

Do I have a horror story for you! Actually no! However, I must "pen" this down before it's forgotten.

Sunday, 27 Sept 2006, in the afternoon. Met up with E at Liang Court where upon she "handed over" small E (and J) to my care while she went for her monthly Spa session. Everything went fine and "as usual" except that the ATM couldn't dispense cash and I was stuck with only $4/- in my wallet. In the end I had to "borrow" $10/- from J (red packet money from her Por Por) to buy lunch for myself. As usual small E wanted to "share daddy's ma-mum."

We scrambled into a cab to go to my dad's home. (Had enough balance from $14/- after lunch for a one way trip). Arrived at dad's place, paid the driver, got out of the cab with small in one arm and her bag of stuff in the other. Helped J with the stroller. ... (Always feel rushed when boarding and alighting a taxi I wonder why...?)

"Where's my wallet?!!" Oh no! I left my wallet in the cab! The next few minutes were spent overturning the stuff in small E bag as well as calling Comfort Cab and being transferred to Lost and Found, describing my wallet, where I took the cab from and to where, time of Journey, Calling my brother to cancel his sub-card .. and praying - asking God to protect my wallet and return it to me.

Within 10 minutes I got a call from Comfort Cab Lost-n-Found stating that their have located the wallet, gave me the cab driver's hp number and the taxi number. I connected the cab driver. He'd bring it back to the house. The next 20 minutes were like twenty hours. Got the wallet back. Stuff was all intact. Gave a tip to the driver. ("Borrow" this time from my mum there was only $2/- in my wallet.)

I thank God for the getting my wallet back to me. Keeping everything safe.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Long Silence

Spent most of last week setting up iMac in the A/V console at church and Mac mini with the foyer Announcement LCDs. Didn't have time to blog or update my tweets.

So the last vestiges of the IT Dept's involvement in the auditorium have been removed. It fact with the switch to Macs by the Media-Comms Dept in the console coupled with the handing over of the projectionists/projection duties earlier this year, IT Dept no longer has duties on weekends. What I've done since then, is to keep myself busy by helping the Admin Pool with Counter services. This was at the suggestion of Carolyn the church's Adminstrator. Making myself available when needed to troubleshoot in the auxiliary locations.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The "Long" Silence

Haven't had the opportunity to update my blog and facebook for the past week. Between looking after Small E and "fighting" J for the use of MY home computer, I had my hands full. Here's a run down of the past five days:

Monday :
When to see a movie(G-Force) with J in the afternoon. G-Force is a great movie, I dun care much about what some reviewers say.
Tuesday : Spent it at home looking after Small E.
Wednesday : Went to a Atria Breakfast Talk (check my other post on this), spent the rest of the day at home.
Thursday : COMEX, Made-With-Love and Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition. The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit was interesting and I did learn some new things there.
Friday : A Slack day at home with Small E. Big E sneaked out in the mid afternoon to go to MWL for a evening class.

So there's the rundown of the past week. Have a great weekend!

On Being Salt and Light II

Following on from 2 Sept ....
"Being salt of the earth and light of the world is about adding flavour and illumination to others' lives so that they can taste and see and the LORD is good." --Peter Lim posted on 2 Sept 2009
Went to talk yesterday. it was unplanned thing but Tamara Winslow had said that we have to get away (to hear God). So this breakfast talk was to be an unfamiliar place. I was some awesome thing happening to me. No such 'lucky.'

There was no thunderous voice nor did I have an out-of-body experience. Instead, the speaker made mention of Salt and Light that's like three times in two weeks.

She mention that salt is used to preserve and light is meant to be visible.

Ok now lets look at it again:

  • is used to preserve food - we are to preserve or uphold morality and values in society
  • is used in cooking to add taste or draw out flavour - we are to give flavour to life
  • makes you thirsty - we are to make people thirsty for more of Kingdom God?
  • is used as a means of payment - are we worth our salt?
and Light :
  • is to be visible - we as believer have to be visible n not end up part of the invisible voiceless majority
  • gives illuminations -Shine so people can see Jesus
Like I shared in an ealier post. Sometimes I feel the church's emphasis on the preservative nature of being Salt of the Earth comes across leaving others with negative feelings and a bad taste in their mouth.
I'm not saying we shouldn't be moral or have a high standard of morality. The "ultra conservative" stand has not gone down well with the people we want to reach for the Kingdom. We are in a war but not a cultural one. Culture is one of the battle fronts. We are in a war but not with other people. So sometimes it seems we are fighting the wrong enemy. (I'm rambling...)

What I am saying is:
In upholding righteousness in our society, we must not forget that Jesus' primary call was "the kingdom is at hand." We are called to bring the kingdom into the world. Whether it be a physical presence of the kingdom or a metaphysical (the rule of Christ in our hearts), we are called to bring IN the kingdom not keep the current status quo. (Which is what preserving implicitly does, preventing things from getting worse or rotting.)

Being salt and light is not about keeping status quo also about adding favour and brightening up lives of those in our community and spheres of influence.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday with Small E

Have to Just upload the photos first. Worry about any commentary later:
E in the morning after her hearty breakfast
Then she decides to take a "photo" of me doing lunch.
She waits for me to go out in the late afternoon. Put on her shoe on her own.
Taking her "milk break."
"Hanging out" with Big Bird!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On Being Salt and Light

I decided to go through the Red Letter Bible for my devotion for the next couple of months. For today, my reading was Matthew 5:13-16. The Salt and Light passage.

I was thinking through what salt is and what light is, yea know, the meaning and all that:

Salt is for flavour. Salt is for preservation of food. Salt was commodity in ancient times. It was use for trade.
Light is ... well light. What does light do? It illuminates (duh!) It reveals where darkness conceals. It shows where darkness hides.

Here's the "upper-cut" : Every weekday morning, I would listen to the on-line edition of Focus on the Family's daily radio broadcast. Today was going to be no different, except that I realize that I had listen to the broadcast yesterday. so I randomly selected another day's broadcast to listen to. Lo and behold, the featured speaker Tony Evans touched on "Salt and Light"

Well that's the good old "one-two" from God. So the question is still how am I to be salt and light?

A lot of times salt in this passage has been taken to be the preservative. That we as believer and followers of God are to preserve the moral climate and atmosphere of our culture. Light gets to mean that we have to shine in this dark world. It would follow on that this is done by focusing on our character and building our character to stand out in this world and dark age. Character First!! This often than not drives us to a perfection(ism) mode. Which leads to a holier-than-thou and I'm-not good-enough frame of thought.

I don't want to put this teaching down but I have come to think that being salt and light is more than just character. The end result is:
16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.
People have to see "your good deeds" meaning that it's not just about being "good" (good character) but doing good (good deeds). In fact, it may have nothing to do with being good but more about doing good.

People glorify Father in heaven because of the good you do. Being a goody-two-shoes may and most like serve to solicit a response of resentment if not hate as people feel prejudiced, put down or shamed. (Read: made aware of their own shortcomings and feeling bad about it)

Being salt of the earth and light of the world is about adding flavour and illumination so that others will taste and see and the LORD is good!

to be continued ...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Small One's Birthday Weekend ...

Last weekend was a nice change. Enjoyed myself with E celebrating the Small One's birthday. The initiate feel about the birthday celebration for the Small One was like nervous jitters. Didn't know how it would all pan out.
Well it worked out well. The guests didn't arrive all at once and that was good. The Small One was in a great mood with everyone around. It was like all her "separate lives" converged into one. In a sense her world came together on Saturday.

E and I both felt it went well. We had low expectations and the Small One had no expectations. I think she was kinda blur through the whole thing. The Small One just went with the flow and got into the swing of things as the day progress by the time the celebration was over she was saying bye bye to us several times and already to go off with the uncles and aunts.

The day didn't start that well for the Small One though. She had constipation in the morning. Likely a result of a low fibre diet high carbohydrate the past day.(She ate two bun on Friday.) She was really struggling and even acted like a girl going through her first period. Eg When I wanted to comfort her during the stressful "pushing out," she shouted "Daddy GO AWAY!" So I went away. Eventually, she passed out what E described as a "tennis ball." Nah! I dun think sh** the size of a tennis ball came out, likely motion amounting to the size of a tennis ball.

The good thing about the Small One is that she doesn't let that dampen the rest of her day