Saturday, August 1, 2009

When Communication is everything ...

Last Sunday was one of those days (more like daze) where I felt like a fool. 
It was a Sunday like any Sunday. After finishing off duties at church, I texted the ladies to find out where they were. The reply I got from the Big One was "Kino" as in Kinokuniya. So happily I made my way to Ngee Ann City. SMS them saying I was in the comics section and service counter getting my Kino Card renewed. Then the Big One called and asked where I was so I repeated myself. She was at Stationary. After I settled the card I popped by stationary, not there. I called her again no answer. When I finally got her. Where's mom? Feeding the Small one outside. Went to the main entrance, no sign of E. Shoot! She's going to give me a tongue lashing for not being around to help.   -- 
Then, I remembered!! Didn't E. have this SPA appointment. at UE Square to day? Kino?! Oh NO!!! Kino at Liang Court! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! Right Shop! Wrong Location!
Ended up rushing over there! Even ended shouting down at E over the phone when she called ... defense mechanism ??