Monday, August 24, 2009

Public Security?

The notice board at the first level Lift Lobby of my block just got changed to a LCD panel. At first I thought that it was an upgrade to electronic notice board. However when I went to take a look it was security monitor showing "live" video of the two lifts/elevators.

Wow, I thought this interesting. This means that we that everyone watching the monitor will see the person urinating in the evelator (it's happened before). Litterbugs will be caught on tape too. Perpetrators will think twice about trying anything "funny" the lifts robbery, molestation and the likes. Though, I doubt they'll do something like that when people are out and about.

I guess that this also rules out any PDA/PSA (Public Display/Show of Affection) that's inappropriate.

Wait-a-minute! Won't that also mean that anyone watching will also know where you get off when you take the lift?! Wouldn't that mean that residents privacy may be at stake? You know stalkers and all? Mm, wonder whether the town council thought about that one.