Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Small One Exercising faith ...

Our Daughter has a nickname : Che (?)Bu Ting (Eat No Stop). She love to eat. The Pic was taken after she had put the whole bowl of food to her face cos she couldn't scoop the tofu out. :P

It was Sunday afternoon the family was at Vivo city. There after the girls were done with their shopping we stopped by Bakerzin for tea (classic dessert were a 50%). After settling down in our places, we started to browse the menu. The Small One started jibbering pointing to each one of us saying : "Can, can?" She followed that by putting her hands together in prayer and said: "Thank Jesus for mamum, Amen!" But there was no food on the table! So E said jokingly that she was acting out in faith that she will get something to eat.

Well, we eventually made our orders, for the Big One, E and myself. However, the waitress returned later and laid down four serviettes and four sets of cutlery. The Small One confidently put her hands together and said : "Thank you Jesus!" Almost like she was giving thanks for God's faithfulness and answer to her.