Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The future looks bright...

My tweets and Facebook status' have been rather bleak these days. The only spark of light being the family God gave me. However, a glimmer of light has appeared on the horizon. A photo I uploaded on Facebook suddenly got tagged and comments that made me feel like the past, my past isn't as bad as some or even I have made it out to be. I may not have done well. 

Failure and failing had been a part of my past and life; in these days its haunting spectre has come back. Being put down by my immediate supervisor touched a raw nerve. Brought me back to my secondary school days when I got put down by my teacher. I got reprimanded in front of others for something I admittedly did wrong and without thinking : I went over to her cubicle, reached over and retrieved a flash drive for another staff. She called me out soon after and in front other staff told me off for doing so  :  If you want something from my place either ask me or send the person to me. That is my personal workspace. 

As I said, admittedly I was at fault. I should have just reverted to her. Oh did I mention that the staff first approached her for the flash drive and she told the staff to come to me for it when she had the item with her. 

Anyway, getting out of this parenthesis and back to the ... This incident and one other earlier this year as set me on a tailspin with the spectres of guilt and shame (associates of Spectre Failure) chasing behind. 

So why does the future look bright? Well because of friends ... 

and the Great Friend.