Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do I belief in You(th)?

There are a few statements I want to make. Things I have thought about.

The main thought is Youth are the Leaders for/of today (translate: They can be given responsibility now)

Underlying arguments are:
1. That Adolescence is not natural. It is a creation of the modernisation and education system.
2. That Youth are not really growing up faster rather they are being exposed to life faster.
3. That the generation gap is a lie and created by the attitudes towards one another.

That Adolescence is not natural. It is the creation of the education system

There are only two stages in life. Childhood and adulthood. Youth or young men are part of the adulthood. In the Bible and likely in cultures of old, there is a rites of passage from when a boy becomes a man. It's not at 21 it's at 12 or maybe 15. How girls were considered of marriageable age at 15? By the time they were 15 they had being taught everything about homemaking and housekeeping by then. Boy aged 12/13 years olds go into apprenticeship under their father or some other master artisan. During that time they work had responsibilities.

There were only two groups of people then: common folk/peasants and the nobility (the "haves" and the "have nots"). The nobles daughters were train to be ladies-in-waiting. The sons? The eldest likely will take over from the father the land and the peasant and serfs therein. He is trained to rule the land. If the father was powerful or rich enough the other sons would get a fiefdom of their own otherwise either become a warrior or monk/priest.

The Crusades changed things. Movement of people, the creation of townships, the rise of the artisans and middle class. The development of society and the beginning of industry followed by modernisation led to the need for the increase of education.

Not that this is all bad. It is just interesting to note that for some strange reason (we) began to take away or rather not give responsibilities to youth (here I refer to those of adolescent age group) to the point a time that they no longer have responsibilities (outside of basic household chores for some). Then we say adolescents are not responsible.