Friday, July 31, 2009

One Day Off

The Small one spent a larger part of the day with Dad (me) yesterday.  Seemed that she wanted me even though Por Por (MIL) was there. So the Small One hung around me. She kept asking me to o to the "computa" for "Boom Boom." Translated she wants to watch me play BeJeweled Blitz!!  It was either this or "Sair Stree" (Sesame Street) videos online. I kept her off coz we (E and me) agreed that she only gets 1/2 hour of online vidz at a given time of day.

After that it was "Dad this" "dad that(practically everything)."  I get dressed, she wants to go out with me. Eventually, I took her with me to run that errand for the Big One. That's how E. ended with the status : "took leave only to find the house is empty ... " =P

The rest of the day was watching and trying to keep the Small One away from mom. It was so amusing to see her pick up her Xia Xia old toy phone (and now hers) and carrying out a "conversation" which mimicked her Por Por.