Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nuff Said

Sometimes I still don't get it. The education system in Singapore is lauded as one of the best.

We (the minister or powers that be) keep saying that we want to move away from just studying to get a piece of paper to develop a culture of lifelong learning. I have one problem with this ... we have a whole bunch of people that short circuit this process. They're called parents. Before I get crucified or stoned to death, let's be made apparent that I'm a parent too. Not just parents but almost everywhere, the govt. has created a culture of meritocracy. Which is not bad in principle - people ought to be given recognition, promotion, reward based on the merit of their performance at work. In practice however, it translates to getting As for your exam cos only then the good school will take you in. Merit has become academic merit period. The focus is always on passing exams well. So much so that 75% pass is a FAIL cos you fail to get in to the school that requires 95% pass. Students are no longer excellent because it is a good trait to have, they are excellent cos of a specific benefit. It what they can get out of it.

To be continue....