Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is he only talking about being left-handed?

Cartoon strip by Bizarro

In Search for Joy

There are few people I miss. Most of them have passed on: Betty Khoo, Uncle John Bavier, etc. Yet there is one person I miss who has not pass on nor moved away. I miss Joy. I miss my daughter.

I'm missing the fun that we use to have. I remember the times when I would bring her to Play School and the D&D(dad & daughter) fun we would have ... sitting down for breakfast at the coffee shop before going in to Five Stones. she used to be proud of her daddy.

Then there's the time I can't forget ... the time when E was expecting Megan (at least that was what we were going to name her --- in the beginning). We were on holiday in Malaysia when E started to pass out blood. We staggered to the medical centre at the resort. They said it looked like a spontaneous abortion. An Ambulance rushed E down to the nearest private hospital, I followed taking only wallets and passports. The rest of our stuff was still in the hotel room. There we were with no one we knew around us in the days before mobile phones. I did have my phone book with me. There were only four numbers I remembered : my father's, my brother's, my Aunt in KL and a young teenager in my youth group.

Almost losing Megan/Isaac back then had a profound effect on us that we decided that she would be called Joy

Now a teenager, she avoids me like the plague/pandemic (H1N1?) and seem ashamed to be known as my daughter. Necessary contact with me extends into my wallet. At least that how it seems to me.