Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eryn in Hospital

At 1:00am this morning I was awaken when Esther came into the room. Something was wrong with Eryn. She had made a gaggling sound then silence. Her face had gone between being pale to flush red. She was tense. We called the emergency number at the hospital. not good. We called a cab and brought her down to KK Children's Emergency. Keep talking to her to keep her awake and alert.
They thought it was just a blocked nose. But because she's just 29 days old. They didn't want to take a chance that it was not gastric reflux that might have caused her to choke. So now she is in hospital and on 24 hr observation. She might just miss her own one month party. We can't call off the event the foods been ordered... can't write anymore can't think.....