Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another day another challenge...

Today I had to try something out... Seeing how long it takes to get from Hougang Ave 3 to Bukit Timah. More like how long it takes to make my way to the bus stop at Ave 3, catch the bus and get to my daughter's school at Bukit Timah. It meant:
Getting up at 0500hrs,
Leaving my in-laws place at 0530hrs,
Catching the bus at 0558hrs and ...
Arriving at destination at 0628hrs.
Then checking what time the next bus with the same service number arrives...thereby factoring what the latest time I have to leave my in-law's house.
Thing is, today i only need to be at the school at 1430 in the afternoon for the parents briefing and 1540hrs for the parent- teacher conference.

By the way that's Joy my number 1 girl at the SOTA (School Of The Arts) auditions. (She was turned down). SOTA more like for those Showing Obvious Talents Already. Not for those whose talents have to be nurtured. For the proven not the potential. And Singapore leadership is complaining about brain drain talent drain. What do you expect when you limit yourself to a small pool.

But I'm rambling.

Anyway... Why did I have to take the bus at an unearthly hour and check on all the nonsense? Well remember I said my family is kinda broken up... Joy here and Eryn there with Esther. We're looking at pulling Joy over to Esther's Mum's to stay for the rest of the time before the PSLE. We however left it to Joy to decide whether she wanted to make that move. She said she preferred the current arrangement. I'm just concern that she is not expressing her true feelings about being separated from us.