Friday, November 23, 2007

PSLE Dooms Day -- Results are out

Joy did better than I expected. She got 239. She sad cos she can't get into Crescent Girls' School. We'll try to get her into St. Margaret's Sec.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Day One --- D(readed)E(xam) Day.

Joy starts PSLE today... Just got her up. She's changing and I've got ready her "breakfast." This routinue would play itself out the next few days:
Get up
Wash up
Eat Breakfast
Brands Essence of Chicken

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eryn in Hospital

At 1:00am this morning I was awaken when Esther came into the room. Something was wrong with Eryn. She had made a gaggling sound then silence. Her face had gone between being pale to flush red. She was tense. We called the emergency number at the hospital. not good. We called a cab and brought her down to KK Children's Emergency. Keep talking to her to keep her awake and alert.
They thought it was just a blocked nose. But because she's just 29 days old. They didn't want to take a chance that it was not gastric reflux that might have caused her to choke. So now she is in hospital and on 24 hr observation. She might just miss her own one month party. We can't call off the event the foods been ordered... can't write anymore can't think.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Going down the final stretch...

Esther expressed that she is feeling so cooped up these past few weeks. We are counting days to the end of the confinement.... 5 more days and Eryn will be one month old. This week we've been getting stuff ready for the celebration.

Monday, September 24, 2007

More photos....

Look what big eyes I have!!!!!

Esther celebrating birthday in confinement... without "Number One" (That's what I call Joy now.)

Eryn's fav way of being carried to sleep... My father-in-law says she likes to smell arm-pit hair...My ma-in-law says she faints after smelling the arm-pit?

Eryn's other fav way of being carried while awake... always looking over someone else's shoulder....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A kinda eventful day....

The lady who cleans our flat called Esther yesterday to say something about one of the rooms and no key and windows not closed? \:? I was going back to continue packing so Esther asked me to look into it.
I was trying to figure out the cryptic info when my worst fears were confirmed. The door to study room which I was packing had closed and locked from the inside. All the spare keys and room keys were in there how was i to do anything. In the end I called a locksmith(Like I had a choice!)and paid $35/- to get the room unlocked.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sixty-seven percent thru....

Well back to some more serious stuff... Esther celebrated her birthday last night. Yin, her youngest brother bought at cake. We order pizza and had a dinner "bash" with her dad, mom, grandma and Eryn (who was fussing the who time).

Esther is better for now. The blues still come but she seems to be managing it better. Shared with me that she had a bad dream last night:

She dreamt she was chasing me wanting to talk to me but I was going off somewhere and brushing her off, saying we'll talk later....

Before leaving to run my day's errands, I gave her the interactive journal we've been using to "talk" to each other to write any thoughts she had down for me to read.

Tonight, like now, I'm at my Dad's place with Joy.

Will post some shots of the birthday photos later. Then you'll see how Eryn likes to be carried.....

Books Books Books Study Study ... zzzzzz

I have never seen so many books in front of Joy... other than at the library. Never seen her mugging so hard.

Joy surprised me (as is her habit ;P ) with her PSLE Prelims:
English A (89.5%)
Chinese B (68%)
Math A* (91%)
Science A (84%)
(As are 75% and above)

A for Art
A for Music
A for Social Studies
A for Health Education

I'm very proud of her. She's done well. Math was at 62% last Semester. Chinese was 65% there about.
even now with the current arrangement, she went ahead and worked out a study plan/schedule for all her subjects without any parental influence. Being the by the book person she is, she gets upset when there's schoolwork given and she's unable to keep to schedule. :D

Monday, September 17, 2007

Babe's n Hiccups

Here's one with Eryn doing the hiccups... it went on and on and on...

It would be a matter of concern but the nurse had said hiccups and sneeze here and there is normal.

Quote from

"During the first few months you can be sure that your baby will hiccup at regular intervals, particularly when he/she gets excited or just after a feed. This is quite normal and is nothing to be unduly alarmed about. Hiccups are just one of the many normal behaviours and reflexes that are common for newborn babies that parents (particularly first time parents) need to be aware of and get used to. In fact, chances are that the mother even felt the baby hiccup from time to time while still in the womb. Indeed, studies have revealed that hiccups can start as early as the 6th week after actual conception!"

Eryn is 18....

DAYS OLD! Today is Esther birthday. All I could do was get her a necklace. No special dinner and such cos she's stuck in the house. Took this shot of Eryn this morning... she was fussing but quieten down after I carried her for a while. Did a diaper change...and she hollered like it was the end of the world even with Esther coming to carry her, she was not comforted... then daddy came back and carried her after washing his hands and she was quiet as a mouse. Weird!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another day another challenge...

Today I had to try something out... Seeing how long it takes to get from Hougang Ave 3 to Bukit Timah. More like how long it takes to make my way to the bus stop at Ave 3, catch the bus and get to my daughter's school at Bukit Timah. It meant:
Getting up at 0500hrs,
Leaving my in-laws place at 0530hrs,
Catching the bus at 0558hrs and ...
Arriving at destination at 0628hrs.
Then checking what time the next bus with the same service number arrives...thereby factoring what the latest time I have to leave my in-law's house.
Thing is, today i only need to be at the school at 1430 in the afternoon for the parents briefing and 1540hrs for the parent- teacher conference.

By the way that's Joy my number 1 girl at the SOTA (School Of The Arts) auditions. (She was turned down). SOTA more like for those Showing Obvious Talents Already. Not for those whose talents have to be nurtured. For the proven not the potential. And Singapore leadership is complaining about brain drain talent drain. What do you expect when you limit yourself to a small pool.

But I'm rambling.

Anyway... Why did I have to take the bus at an unearthly hour and check on all the nonsense? Well remember I said my family is kinda broken up... Joy here and Eryn there with Esther. We're looking at pulling Joy over to Esther's Mum's to stay for the rest of the time before the PSLE. We however left it to Joy to decide whether she wanted to make that move. She said she preferred the current arrangement. I'm just concern that she is not expressing her true feelings about being separated from us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's been almost two weeks.....

and it feels like a month has pass since the arrival of Eryn. Here she is on one of the rare occassion with her eyes open.
Eryn Lim came into the world with a wimper and a scream on the morning of 31 Aug 2007 at 0210hrs. Weighing in at 3.208kg and a full length of 49cm, She is smaller and lighter than our number one girl, Joy, was born. ...12 years ago!
Yeah you read that right... twelve years between the two sisters!
It occurred to me that when my first girl finishes her 12 years of education I start all over again with Eryn. Gosh!!!!

Here is my sweetheart wifey, Esther, with Eryn. Things' have been hard for her. Eryn is a frantic baby when it comes to breastfeeding. Nursing her has been a painful thing for Esther. To top things off, she getting depress because our family unit is broken up during this time.

I could blame it on my folks or my mum. But I might as well blame in on the moonlight and the midnight. Here's the take on the situation.
Esther and Eryn are at my in-laws where she's carrying out the one month confinement.
Joy who would be sitting for her PSLE (Primary School Leaving Exam*) in three weeks is at my parents' place cos it's near the school.
Me? I've been in between both places the past week. Alternating between both homes at night. Two to three of the days I go back to our own home during the day and pack the place to make room for Eryn.
Now why can't we all be at my dad's place? Cos Mum says she don't know how to look after babies and she the place cannot take in anymore persons.
My mother-in-law on the other hand had open up her home for my entire flock. (Her home is smaller).
Like I said I could blame my folks.... but what's the use....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

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