Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Two Words and a Thought

Just this past week I received two words in two days.

There I was waiting for Bosconi for some special word and such. Lo and behold it does not come from the "major prophet" but the 'minor' prophet Edwin.
Peter you are the rock and on this rock i will build
Dream your dreams

Then again from Cynthia Oei who out of the blue said:
You are like Nathaniel. There is no deceit in you. You have a pure heart. That is how God/Jesus see you.

Gosh ..... I was thinking does God really see me that way? With a pure heart? My hear is not pure! The lust I struggle with. How can God see me with with a pure heart.

Then the next day Serena Koh spoke of God's favor for those with a broken and contrite heart. Then I realise with that is it because I know and I struggle with lust that I feel so broken by it.

Is that it? Is it when you think you don't have it that you really do? Is it when you feel it is so far from reaching your goal that you may be closer to attaining it.