Saturday, March 5, 2005

Remembering Maris.... Celine, Janice, Ken and Barbie

Maris Stella / Star of the Sea was where I went my kindergarten years. It was a Roman Catholic pre-school run by nuns (Franciscan order I think). I have memories of the Christmas plays and concerts I was involved in. Frosty the snowman and Rudolf the Red nose reindeer.

Most of my playmates then were girls. In fact, they were my neighbour's children. Two girls born almost exactly a year apart: Celine and Janice. Our parents were long time friends and neighbours. Janice was three days my junior yet separated by a year. They went to Maris Stella kindergarten too.

So my after school time and play time was with them. So playing "house" was normal for me. It didn't help that the first toy I remember my mom giving me was a Ken doll from Mattel's Barbie collection. So it seems I developed my "sensitive side" at a young age.

My Uncle Gerry tried to correct this later by buying me Action man type toys and Airfix models and toy soldiers. Boys should have these kind of toys - he said.

Playing "doctor," trying on my mom's dress and beehive. Wondering what it is like to wear high heels. All this was part of growing up with girls for play mates

Growing up with girls as playmates didn't help when it came to going to an all boys Primary School. I ended up in St. Anrew's Junior School. The School of my father and brother.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

So It Begins.....

Many would say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, the younger of two sons in a family of four. Perhaps they are right, perhaps I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. But I sure didin't like the taste of it.

Born into a church going family. (My extended family both on my paternal and maternal sides were members of the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches respectively.) I have never know a Sunday where we didn't attend service except for illness or death. Actually that's not truth. I do remember there were times when my mom didn't feel like going to church and slept in. For my brother and me that meant no transport to church.. We worked around that later on after finding out that one of the Lay Readers lived a nearby, we would catch a ride to church and back.

I was baptised at a ripe old age of 4 1/2 years, which was considered late by some people from certain backgrounds. I remember that day. I knew something big was happening. Made to dress well even had a clip-on tie or something. All the people around. Then this big angmor man in a white robe (the priest) called me up to the baptistry. As I tilted my head over the marble thingie, he splashed water over my hair thrice!!! He wet my best shirt!! Why did he wet my sunday's best?

Thinking about my life - Coffeeshop Talk

Yesterday afternoon, while being sick and miserable, I continued reading a book I had picked up at Borders. The author spoken of stories and testimonies and how their were different.
It got me thinking about my life.
Then there was church on Sunday.... where in the sermon the preacher said that we don't get God's acceptance thru success.

My life has been full of failure. Sometimes I wonder if I have done anything that was of worth during my life. Anything that counted for eternity.

In any case, I decided that I would start writing my stories here. And it the course of time perhaps re-write the story of my life.