Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are You With Him?

Skye Jethani brings us through the different ways we box God in our lives. He basically takes a gentle whack at four different ways we do church and more so how we relate to God. Using simple stick figure illustrations, Jethani takes us through the four common postures we take toward God – using different prepositions to describe each posture: Life Under/Over/For/From God. He reasons that these four postures/views end up to be just different manners we try to control or manipulate God. Arguing that from the beginning, the posture God sort to have with us was one best described as WITH.

Coming from tradition of my own church and personal spiritual walk, the subject and idea Skye Jethani speaks of is not new to me. Books like Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, Communion with God by Mark Virkler and Patti Virkler and even John Piper’s Desiring God pursue the same or similar lines.
I found it difficult to put the book down once I started reading. What I found more difficult was the uncomfortable feeling when I was forced to examine myself and what my posture towards God and Jesus was. Was I just working FOR God so that and could get rewards FROM Him?

Jethani doesn’t leave you stranded if you have questions and are asking what now. At the end of the book he points you to resources you get back on track.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pot calling the kettle ....

I dun usually use this place to comment of some things. However, observing the current Presidential Elections I just had to say the following. One of the candidates said that the other three were previously members of the current ruling party/government and therefore can not truly act independently as a check and balance for parliament. They will have emotional baggage carried over from their past association with the ruling party. He however has no such baggage.

I have a problem with that though: Everyone carries some form of emotional baggage into the whatever situation they encounter. It is whether they allow that baggage to govern their actions or not.
IMHO, this candidate also has emotional baggage. Likely two of the other candidate he also has recently resigned from a political party - a party opposed to the current ruling party. Unlike the other candidates his emotional baggage is not one of affinity but adversarial. It was fairly obvious in his broadcast last week.

Is he saying that he will be able to put that baggage aside when he is president and work with the government for the benefit of ALL people in Singapore? If he says yes, then is he saying that the other candidate can't do the say.

In fact I think one of the other candidate has less emotional baggage than him as that candidate has not belonged to a political party longer than any of the others. Nuff Said.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

iLeadership - The Apple Way:

I picked up this book, cos I have been looking for a good book on the subject of Steve Jobs. The enigmatic figure of Jobs that been a subject of many books, articles and criticism. I already have two books, one audio book on hand a movie. All of which I felt did not do justice to the man. I must say that Jay Elliot did a decent job on the subject - Steve Jobs. Not exactly balanced, but there's already enough of the negative about Apple CEO out there. Elliot's counter perspective with a more positive reflection on the man without denying the negative.
There are few contemporary figures who draw my interest - Jobs is one of them.
There is another reason why I chose to read this book: It is because of the mention of Apple in "Simple Church" the book I was reading before this one. So what's Church and Mobile Media Device Company have to do with each other.
After finishing this book, it confirmed what I already suspected. Apple is not in the business of profit. It's in the business changing the world and it's doing it effectively. Isn't that the business of the church : to transform lives.

When Jobs walks on to the platform of an event like MacWorld or WWDC? Who do people see, I suspect they don't  just see a CEO of Fortune 500 company. They see a leader of a movement.

The book is about leadership of Steve Jobs. It does focus on skill in as much as the qualities of leadership.
Mission - Focus
Vision - 
Motion - Movement Momentum

Reading this book has led to me asking myself these question:-
What is the "business" of the church? 
What is our product /service offered? Who are our customers / consumers?
What is vision and goal of the local (or universal) church?

Simple Church -

This is not one of my regular book review that I receive from a certain website nd publisher. It really something I saw and picked up one day at a christian book store. It's an old book, five years since it was first published; but I bought it anyway. The title struck a chord in me. Simple Church.
One of  the elders at the church I do part time work at, saw me reading the book, commented that church is not simple but complicated. 

In the book, the authors, Thom and Eric, give some insightful information on the churches they researched and interviews they conducted. This was not a small sampling. 
The point of their book was not to be present another church model. They were looking at churches and their activities. Asking questions about what makes one local church dynamic and increase while another stagnate or even decrease;  even though they had/use the same church model.
The findings of their research has led to the writing of this book.

So what it all about. It's about keeping church simple. It about the question of what does a disciple of Jesus Christ look like. The short of this book is four words:

  1. Clarity = Can you articulate what your church is about and what a disciple of christ is.
  2. Movement = What is the process that people go through to reach the above?
  3. Alignment = Are the current ministries and programs in keeping with the process 
  4. Focus = Keep in view that which is essential to the process and the goal for the building of disciples of Christ
This book has set me thinking about how we "do" church and how we ought to "do" church. 

    Jesus Calling App

    I just started using the "lite" version of the app and I like already. Navigation is easy. 
    Having the app means that I don't have to lug around additional bulk in my already small bag. I can read the day's devotion while standing in a crowded train.
    A "notes function enables me to jot down thoughts for any particular day.
    I Tweet,  so my only beef with the app (at least the "lite" version) is that the share functions.
    I tweet my thoughts and there is an OAuth error every time I try to share on twitter. The app's function was not updated. 
    The Facebook share function works. However, I have to log in every time I want to share the thought on Facebook. There is no preference to save the Facebook authentication.